Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cover Fx Custom Blot Drops- Oil Control

T- Zone help on the way courtesy of Cover Fx.

Like their previous "drops" the new Custom Drops Oil Control can be added to anything to make it more matte and help control oil along or use it alone.

The  gel goes into foundation, BB or sunscreen easily . Used alone it makes  a good base under makeup to absorb oil. It has a soft, matte feel and doesn't make skin feel tight.

Using this I noticed that I didn't seem quite as shiny on my nose and chin as usual by lunchtime. At first I  thought, I  just didn't need much  powder today before realizing I had used this in the morning. I try a lot of mattifiers, some work better than others and this is one of them. I  especially like that I can add it to other products. My others are mainly stand alones.

It does say that this can be used as a touch up over makeup also but I haven't tried using it that way yet.

Ingredients include salicylic acid, Cucumber extract , papaya fruit  and chamomile extract .

Cover Fx Custom Blot Drops are $44

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