Wednesday, July 6, 2016

No Nonsense Summer Sport Socks

What is it about socks ? I love them  as much as any other accessory and  can easily spend  a lot of time in a store that sells just them when I stumble on one. (Anyone remember The Sock Shops in NYC eons ago? I never missed a chance to stop in).  Maybe because they're cute , easy, one size fits most?

No Nonsense can help fill the need and want for socks with a variety perfect for warmer temps and at a great price point.

The lightweight  Sleek "liners" are thin, a cotton blend . They're breathable, they've felt comfortable and dry all day long , and are a no show style for a leaner leg look. They are great with my tropical print sneakers I've been sporting this summer. The 3 pack has several colors to go with all your kicks.

For  a sportier look and feel the 3D Comfort are the way to go and while they   aren't super padded they have raised dots and lines inside for comfort while also being very soft with a low profile.

Breathe are a 3 pack of black low cuts that are unpadded but thicker than the liners above with a higher fit on the foot /ankle. These are super comfy with 77% cotton blend , a pique trim at top and a smooth feel /look on. 

Sleek X Sport Microfiber No Show $6.49 pack of 3

Breathe Black No Show 3 pack are 5.27 at Wal Mart, 6.50 at Amazon.

All are Made in USA

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