Tuesday, July 12, 2016

By Terry Line Designer Waterproof Eyeliner Graphic Precision Tattoo Print

My eye makeup melt is epic, I've mentioned that more than few times , right ? So many products said to be waterproof,  wear in the ocean while a wave tumbles you , budge proof etc ,never make it long on me. Others have great results, me, I watch them go poof in hours.

By Terry's Line Designer Waterproof Eyeliner lives up to it's name that also includes , on the box,  Graphic Precision Tattoo Print.

This liquid liner went from 8AM to 8PM on my eyelids with just a little fading. For those of you whose eye makeup stays put, that's no big. For me, it's very big. No raccoon smudges to wipe off a couple times a day, no eyes that look like they were never lined in the first place by noon.

The applicator here is thin, tapered and stiff to make a fine line and is made from flexible foam. It goes on easily and dries pretty fast but can be blended some . The shade I have Brown Glaze is a shimmering bronze brown with medium pigment. I did need two coats to get as much color as I wanted , then again this is a not a deep dark shade. For my coloring however it's perfect. I wear a lot of browns, nudes and golds on a daily basis .

By Terry Line Designer Waterproof Eyeliner is $39 and available at b-glowing.com , beauty.com and bluemercury

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