Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink

Chanel makes great lipsticks , this we know, and new ones definitely grab my interest.  Rouge Allure Ink is the newest, a liquid matte lipcolor. 

Rouge Allure Ink has full, deep pigment.  I love a richly colored lipstick and this delivers.  It goes on liquid, like a bold gloss almost. One pass on the lips gives you coverage with a finish that dries down to matte. It doesn't feel/ look tight or dry on lips and can easily be blended  as it doesn't set too fast. You get the creamy feel for a good fifteen minutes before it begins to set and even after it still feels soft and even slightly creamy on lips while also not seeping into lip cracks or lines.  This is one of the best feeling mattes I've tried ,  it doesn't feel matte and  almost falls into semi matte category.

Seduisant, Liberte, Amoureux , Experimente

Ingredients include jojoba and sweet almond oils giving the formula light moisture. Once it does set it lasts pretty well, about 3-4 hours for me with just light fade.  My wear time is never great with lippies so you may see longer wear. 

The case is translucent glass with a flexible doe foot that picks up the right amount of product . 

 I have four shades here- Seduisant, Libere, Amoreux, and Experimente. There are eight shades in all. 

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink is $ 37

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