Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker Stash

I don't do many celeb fragrances here but Sarah Jessica Parker's are different. She is known for being very into fragrance and very involved in the creation of her perumes. I remember reading in the late '90s about her love for Ekaterina Gordeeva's fragrace  Katia then available at Target. It was never popular ( SJP and I may be the only ones who remember it) but one I liked too. This was way before her own fragrances came out but kept her established in my mind as someone who gets it.

Stash is her newest and apparently the perfume she really wanted to create when she released Lovely.

This time she went for it. Stash is bold and spicy, a nod to the old fashioned orientals of decades ago but with smoke added.  It starts out a bit strong and sharp with the pepper and grapefruit but that quickly fades, sequeing into leather, cedar and patchouli , smoke from frankincense , cognac and the idea of warm , perhaps hot, skin.

As it dries down it gets  softer  and stays closer to skin with the smoke and warmth merging nicely. SJP is a big musk fan but the note ,while present here doesn't take center stage and the fragrance is the better for it.

Stash is rich and spicy , not overly masculine but a man could wear it. It seems made for cold days ( and nights).

The bottle reminds of whiskey with it's black label and dark juice. The label could be better but overall I like the design and it comes in it's own little black bag.

Note list:
Top notes: grapefruit, black pepper, sage
Heart: cedar, patchouli, ginger lily, pistachio
Base: olibanum, massoia, vetiver, musk

SJP  Stash is exclusive to Ulta 

$85/ $75/ $50 for 100ml /50ml/ 30ml EDPs, $25  Roller Ball, and $50 Hair & Body Elixir Oil (30ml)

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