Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Body Shop Holiday-Frosted Berries & Spiced Apple

The Body Shop's Cranberry oriented holiday scents have long been one of my favorites going back many years.  Once we hit this time of year I start to look look to see what will be available.

This year's fragrances are  Frosted Berries along with Spiced Apple and Vanilla Chai.

Frosted Berries is cranberry along with blackberry and raspberry for a   juicy/fruity scent that's not just berry but also has hints of vanilla and light florals. It comes in a wide range of products including shower gel , body butter and hand cream.

Spiced Apple is truly apple scented. With spices like cinnamon  barely there this is like wearing an apple on your sleeve. If you're looking for something that's true to it's fragrance and not mixed with a lot of other notes, this one is it.

All three holiday scents also come in a strongly scented candle, ready for gifting@ The Body Shop 

The Body Shop Frosted Berries Shower Gel is $10 and Hand Cream is $8
The Body Shop Spiced Apple Candle is $ 19 and Body Gel Lotion is $13

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