Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Petco Halloween Dog Toys

We're going a bit off topic today, but there's nothing I love more than dogs and it's too much fun to talk about all the great goodies for our pups .

I think most of us love to include our pets in almost everything and Halloween is no exception. Petco says 59% of us will include our pets in the holiday and their Bootique is all treats with some cuties to keep them playing happily all season including one that you'll get some fun out of as well.

The lighted LED Glow in the Dark Skeleton Ball is  a blast. Give it a good tap and it flashes multi colors . This may be more fun for us than the dogs . Give it a try with the lights turned down. The ball in the middle is sturdy while the sides are soft.

The Plush Pumpkin has a squeaker and a rope for chewing and tugging while Frankie Plush Toy has crunchy crinkly stuff in the middle and a squeaker head. It's all the fun noises they love.

All these toys are 6 inch and range from  $4.99- 6.99 and can be found at Petco.

So will you be stuffing a goody bag for your best pal this Halloween? 

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