Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dolce And Gabbana Tropical Spring- Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipsticks

 For Spring Dolce and Gabbana goes to the Tropics.

Tropical Spring is packed with pink and coral  and there are two new Passion Duo/ Gloss Fusion Lipsticks.

Tropical Pink is a  truly blue based pink as it has  a bluish lavender core .  While  it's light it is far from barely there .

Tropical Coral is  a rich , bold reddish coral. The core is bronzey but that doesn't affect the color on the lips too much. The coral overrides any other color .

Both of these are beautiful shades  in a creamy,moisturzing satin formula that happens when the center gloss and outer matte shades blend on your lips ( which you can see somewhat in below pic as I didn't wipe off the core before photographing).

You can check out the coordinating Tropical Coral Eyeshadow Duo on my Instagram here.

Dolce And Gabbana Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipsticks are $ 38

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