Friday, March 16, 2007

Tom Ford's Azuree 2007

Last year Tom Ford teamed with Estee Lauder for the now infamous Azuree body oil spray. When I first read about it , I wasn't sure I would be all that interested. Then the word began spreading on boards and blogs on how amazing this stuff was. So when I finally found it , a good ways from where I live, I tried it, and poof, it was love.

This year, smartly, the company and Ford have re-teamed to bring back the body oil spray and two new products- a fragrance, and body lotion. A coordinating makeup collection is part of the line as well.

The Azuree Soleil Eau Fraiche Skinscent Body Fragrance is completely wonderful. It is very like the Body Oil but with a bit of a citrus burst at first, then the familar smell, drying to a warm, suntanned body covered in suntan oil. There are some green notes, but all very subtle. It is even better than the oil, and has no oil smell to get in the way of the amazing fragrance. This is a body spray , so meant to be sprayed wherever, whenever. I think I shall cover myself with it . It is summer in a bottle. The tropics in a bottle. Transporting. Go, run, get yourself some asap.

The color collection is pretty nice too. All housed in the lovely vintage turquoise packaging, there are two color schemes: Soiree, and Bronzee. Soiree leans to plums, while Bronzee is the neutrals and bronzers. The lip conditioner( spf15) in Bronzee is going to be an all day, each day summer staple. In fact I think I may need an extra. The lip conditioner also comes in Soiree, a pretty medium plum.

There is a large powder bronzer, and a cream Face Sheen in bronzee ( another fabulous product). The face sheen is creamy, blendable and a light to medium shade so it can easily work on any skintone.

One of the best things( and really there are so many) about this line is how well the fragrances are priced.

The Body Oil Spray is 29.50
1.7 oz Skinscent 38.00
3.4oz Skinscent 49.50
Whopping 7.9 0z Skinscent 68.00
The Body Lotion 29.50
The Lip Conditioner 22.00
Eye Duo 30.00
Face Sheen 40.00
Large Sunbronzer 75.00

No matter where you live( like New Jersey for instance) give yourself a sultry, perfectly lovely summer with these goodies. Enjoy

In Stores April 07


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!! There's Lauder all over this blog, which is what I have been looking for as they never see fit to update their website until loooooong after the product has hit the counter! Keep it up! Those eye colors look sooo pretty!

Unknown said...

Nice blog...products are well reviewed