Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Missoni Acqua

Last month Missoni launched Missoni Acqua, a companion to their Missoni fragrance. Currently it is exclusive to Nordstrom.
The new fragrance is an EDT and is a bit softer and well, as the name would imply, more aquatic. It is actually a very refreshing fragrance for these super hot days. I have worn it a few times and it hasn't overwhelmed.
The fragrance was inspired by the " crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea". The bottle is pretty with clear blue or green color and the Missoni print in the bottom.

The notes ( called Colors here) are :

Colors of the fragrance:
Dewy Greens: fresh grapefruit, vibrant bergamot, juicy melon, sensual narcisse.
Sparkling Blues: crisp muguet, velvety violet, blue freesia, voluminous peony.
Crystal Turquoise: Tuscan iris, petaly jasmine, 'sole

1oz 45.00
1.7oz 60.00
3.40z 80.00
Shower gel 45.00
Body Lotion 50.00
.2 oz Parfum rollerball 60.00
All at Nordstrom stores and


eula_w said...

Is this perfume still in the market today? I really love citrus smells.

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Beauty Alchemist said...
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Beauty Alchemist said...

Eula- You can find it on Amazon but it's not available in dept. stores anymore. There are lots of great citrus though. Try Acqua Di parma Arancia di Capri, Versace Yellow Diamond

eula_w said...

Will gonna check this on Amazon. Thanks! :)
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