Friday, October 5, 2007

elle fragrance from YSL

Part 2 on the new YSL offerings:

YSL 's newest fragrance is elle and is out next month. Housed in a striking hot pink bottle, this is a lively scent inspired by the modern woman of Paris and beyond. According to the company she is unpredictable and unique , feminine, seductive, bold. All good things, no?

The video/commercial is available with a lot more info at:

The commercial features model Coco Rocha in a stunning slim YSL suit , and does capture the fragrance in a way. Plus I think the song is one by Siouxsie ( of the Banshees) and that seriously rocks.

The fragrance itself is a wonderful surprise to me. When I first read about it on a duty free site, I saw that it had the pink pepper and lychee notes far too common in many of today's scents ,and I was worried. In general I like YSL fragrances( Cinema is big favorite), and hoped this was better than those notes. It is. You actually do get a bit of lychee, but not enough to be overpowering, and the pink pepper didn't really show up.

Instead I got a lovely floral -citrus zest close to the skin, with sillage that wafted a soft peony ( another of the notes) my way. The lychee mingles just a bit with the peony, and some patchouli, which grounds it all.
To me elle is a soft floral , somewhat sheer, but with fantastic lasting power, and great sillage.
This is a modern,delightful, uncomplicated , scent and one that can be worn day or night. It's one of those scents that makes me smile when I spritz it on, and for the next while, I think will be one I wear a lot.

The notes are:
Peony and Lychee at the top
Pink berries,Freesia, and Jasmine in the middle
Patchouli,Vetiver, and Amber at the bottom.

EDP 1.6 oz $ 78.00
EDP 3 oz $ 109.00
Body Lotion 6.6 oz $ 45.00
Shower Gel 6.6 oz $ 40.00
elle will be for sale next month ( November)on

( On the website is a truly adorable solid perfume/lipgloss charm, no price or availability ,though)


Anonymous said...

Came home from a Toronto wedding, stopped at the Canada Duty Free store and there was ELLE, I could not resist such a pretty pink bottle and I bought the big size for $88.00 canadian dollars, Love it, and who knows when it will be in the states. Have worn Opium since it came out, and all the summer Opiums, Love the pink bottle

MoneyMagnate said...

Oh My Gosh,
When I walked into Neiman Marcus at King of Prussia mall yesterday, I rushed to the counter and demanded to know what the fragrance was that I was smelling. They told me Elle. I tried some on and walked around with it for a while. After a few minutes with it on, I knew that it was something I had to have. My husband bought it for me and it is my new favorite. I absolutely love this beautiful sophisticated fragrance. If you are looking for something new and wonderful then this is the must have of the season!