Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pacifica Body Butters

Fall is here ,and the cooler weather is coming, so the need for moisture will be more and more as the temps fall.

I had wanted to try the Pacifica Body Butter for ages but it took long to find it at a store. Even the nearest Whole Foods( and thats really not near actually) did not have them. One day in summer, I was in Borders of all places and there they were.
I was even able to use my coupon .

So I bought Brazilian Mango Grapefruit, although the Guava one smelled great too.

I am always searching for more natural body products, but also nice ones. This was all of that. No parabens, good packaging, incredible scent. The butter is non -greasy, thick and sinks in quickly unlike some others I have used that seemed to leave a greasy sheen for hours on end ( the Body Shop ones for instance, even though I love them). This also moisturizes well, but I don't think come the coldest blast of winter it will be enough.

This is easily strong enough to be your fragrance of the day if you use it in the morning, with a nice blend of the two fruit scents. It's not too much of one or the other.
I really want to try the Tuscan Blood Orange, but have yet to find that one.

Theer are many scents available including Lilac, Gardenia, Sandalwood ,Vanilla and more. The website details all of them and breaks them into categories.

All the scents come in soaps and candles, and some in perfumes now.

I have not been impressed with the candles, though I really wanted them to be good. There just wasn't enough scent to my nose when they burned.

Pacifica is very natural,a huge plus. Here's the quote from the company:

"Our natural paraben-free formula is scented with your favorite Pacifica blends and utilizes botanical ingredients including shea and mango butters, chamomile extract, safflower, almond and essential oils soften and protect the skin - providing intensive, lasting moisture. We do all of this without using animal ingredients or testing and as always, our products are made in the USA. Each jar contains 8 ounces and comes in a beautiful box."

They sell for 15.95 ( and remember those Borders coupons )


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