Monday, October 29, 2007

New Bond 9

Bond 9's flagship on Bond St. is a beautiful store and always a highlight of the semi- annual Sniffapalooza fragrance weekends.

Bond is so good to us, giving us breakfast and a wealth of samples as well as sneaks at the newest scents coming.

I got to try the new Andy Warhol Silver Factory for the first time. This is a very well crafted fragrance and one that many will love. In fact , a lot of fellow fragrance lovers have it on pre -order.

I can appreciate the beauty of a well done fragrance, but I have to mention that I am not a fan of incensy or smoky scents in any way. Silver Factory is both of these and more.

Starting out very smoky, but as a lady near me said, not a damp smoke, but dry, and warm. Laurice Rahme of Bond 9 describes it as a fireplace. The incense comes in at the drydown. When I walked outside last night and smelled a neighbor's fireplace going, I thought, hmm, thats close. More like if you burnt a sweet , aromatic wood in your fireplace.

There is a pathcouli like note and I think thats the resin note coming through. Cedarwood is quite present as is a touch of the lavender and iris notes. It has a very cold winter Christmas morning feel .

If you like this type of smoky scent, then you will love Silver Factory.
The next Andy Warhol scent will be Union Square and Brooklyn in the regular line is coming too. I don't know what they will smell like though.( at least not yet )

I also finally got my hands on the Bond body creams. They are amazing. Super lush they make your hands( or whatever) so soft. It's like the plump almost. West Side is a very light version of the perfume and just has a touch of scent. Chinatown is much stronger scent wise. I didn't test the others, but pick your scent, these are gorgeous, and yes another addition to the wish list.

Bottles photo by: Michael Friedlander

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