Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pucci Vivara

I had been wanting to try the new Pucci Vivara for awhile, and got a sample at last.
Many haven't found Vivara to their taste, but I love it. It's very fresh and sunny , light but with solid sillage.

I get a lot of the jasmine and narcissus notes as well a bit of citrus and other fruit. It's not super fruity though. Technically it could be a fruity-floral but it is more sophisticated than that and has a breezy quality that really does feel Italian. Bergdorfs calls it a green floral and thats more apt. Patchouli is also a light prescence with orange blossom notes too. I can just barely smell a hint of amaretto that is listed in the notes.

Vivara really is an any season scent but there is no doubt that it feels like sunny, warm days by the water, the breeze blowing and a drink at your side. It's an uplifting sort of fragrance and goes well with the Pucci design bottle. I would and will wear it now ( at least until my sample runs out ).

I think a bottle of this needs to be mine at some point.

1.7oz 85.00

3.4 oz 110.00

Body lotion and mousse available.

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