Monday, February 18, 2008

Bond 9 Union Square

March 15th brings the release of Bond 9's second Andy Warhol fragrance Union Square. This one has notes of lily of the valley, which I normally love, so it's sounding good. As a rule too, I love Bond 9's scents. The bottle features a version of Warhol's Flowers print, and there is also a set of 10 bottles for the serious collector($1500 for ten 100ml bottles)

$195 for 100ml
$135 for 50ml

The notes:
deliciously impudent frame of mind
Uncorruptible GREEN STEM NOTES

SWEET BLUE FREESIA, having its 15 minutes of fame
WHITE BIRCHWOOD—our very own Nature Girl
Decadently mellow AMBER
SILVER-CLOUD MUSK ACCORD that’s sultry on the
outside, cool and collected on the inside

Bond 9 is also launching an initiative to be more green:

"Like New York and all the U.S., Bond No. 9 is going green. And we need your help to get it done. Just bring your empty perfume bottles—ours or anyone else’s—to Bond No. 9 boutiques and Bond No. 9 perfume counters at Saks Fifth Avenue nationwide. We’ll take care of the rest. And by way of an eco-friendly thank-you, we’ll give you a refillable pocket spray. Free with any purchase."

Union Square will be at, and Saks Fifth Avenue stores

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