Monday, February 11, 2008

Fashion Week Wrap-Up : Random Bits

A few random bits from my days at the tents and environs. It was huge fun, and I have to say I like being backstage best. I could stand there all day and watch the makeup artists work. It's like a zen relaxing experince for me.

*Wednesday Kathy and I hit Robert Verdi's Luxe Lounge, a super deluxe pad set up for editors and celebs to relax and refresh. We had our makeup done by Iredale, and hair by Massimo for Molton Brown. Massimo works for Shears Hustle and Blow inside Rickys NYC. He is a blast and loves hair. I totally plan on visiting him next time in town. It's only 50.00 for cut and style, which is bargain basement for NYC.

Mr. Verdi was an absolute doll. Very nice , fun and happy. He brought Eva Longoria with him from the Michael Kors show. While she said hello to the room, that was the last time she acknowledged our presence. Even though we were all in a room together, if we spoke, we were not even looked at. Apparantly she decided that we were not her " kind" or something, without even having any idea of who we might be. She didn't even answer a direct question about her dress. Whatever.

Liya Kebede also came in and shook everyones hand. She was quiet but polite.
The lounge rocked and I truly hope I get to go back next time.

*Black and Dark blue nails abounded. Almost everyone was sporting dark nails, so the trend is still going strong, and still looks good.

*I was going to rip Alicia Keys for those awful grey leopard pants at the Super Bowl, but didn't get around to it. Imagine my surprise when turning up for front row at a show was a woman wearing almost the same pants. At what point do you put pants like that on and really think they look good ?? Please tell me this is no new trend.

*Best looking celeb- Kristi Yamaguchi at Nanette Lepore. Not receiving much attention, but she was incredibly beautiful and elegant in a navy blue sheath dress.

photos:beautyalchemist, K.yamaguchi-mbusanewsgroup


theminx said...

Loved Massimo and Robert V - Mrs Longoria-Parker, not so much.

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