Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscars Fashion

It's time to dish on what I thought was rather a dud of a red carpet from last nights Oscar's. Yes there were some winners, some great looks, but far too few in my opinion. Many ladies looked nice, but thats just it, not fabulous, just nice. They played it safe . I look at at almost every runway show image and see so many amazing gowns that I always think of for the red carpet. Why, when these ladies can choose any gown or designer they want, did they opt for just so so. Now many will disagree with me, and many will have fans where I am not, but thats what dishing is all about. Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on the good and bad of Oscar fashion.

Best dressed easily goes to Jennifer Garner. A gorgeous dress, perfect, perfect makeup and a necklace to wow. Kudos to her stylist as she herself said. Her hair was done by a Frederic Fekkai stylist and she had Chanel makeup.

Runners up for best, Penelope Cruz. The dress was a bit poufy at bottom, and very Gibson Girl-esque but she worked it and wore it well. She looked glam.

Laura Linney- another runner up for best. I think she always looks great. She gets it just right , not ot overdone, not too plain. Her Michael Kors dress was lovely but understated , which went well with the flowing hair( loved that), and a knockout necklace.
Hilary Swank, another runner up. This year she wore makeup. and great jewelry. and a Versace dress that wowed. Beautiful.

Keri Russell is the last runner up. Wow. Her jewels were so incredible and she was totally put together princess like. Ok, a bit too skinny, but she still rocked it.

Amy Adams- wearing Prouenza Schouler. It's a very typical dress from them, in a nice color that looks great on her. Yes it's somewhat plain and structured, but it worked for her.

Jennifer Hudson had the most lovely makeup, she went for green eyeshadow, bless her. If only her dress had been half as nice. I am showing her lovely face, and not the rather bad dress.

Everyone else- well they fall into the ok pile. I thought Anne Hathaway looked very pretty but I wasn't enthused with that dress. Renee Zellweger had a great dress, but what happenned to her hair? That short cut can look great on her ,but last night it was a bit of a mess.
I liked Marion Cotillard's look overall. Like most of my fellow bloggers, I am warming up to the dress. Otherwise she looked so pretty and youthful. Credit for pulling out a Gaultier to wear. You know it's going to be different when he comes on board.
Nicole Kidman, not her best by far. Her hair and dress boring. The jewels, beautiful but a little too much .

Cate Blanchett, yet another red carpet strike out. Ugly necklace, messy hair. Oh my.For the record, I think she is the most ethereal beauty, but not last night except for her amazing skin.

Diane Lane was there in case no one noticed. She looked really nice, and should have gotten more camera time.

And the ladies who won for Short Animated film and Visual Editing, I think, looked every bit as good as the red carpet mainstays. Good for them.

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