Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chap Stick True Shimmers

I love lip balms, and everytime I tell someone that, they say the same. Seems most of us love lip balms, so today's post looks at a shiny new one from ChapStick- True Shimmers. I had my eye on these as soon as I saw them at a drugstore but when on rare trip to Wal Mart, was in the " must buy one now " mood and picked up Blended Fruit Sherbet. I haven't seen this flavor anywhere else, and although I think I would like Tropical more , I bought it.

The scent it very tutti frutti with a tiny hint of vanilla. It reminds me a lot of gummy bears. In other words more fruit , less sherbet, which I like. The scent is pretty strong, the taste not too much. As for the shimmer, it's a pale , silvery shimmer. Not overly pearly but it's visible. Just a touch and nice for a quick , almost made up look.

It's nicely moisturizing, too but no SPF.

I love when companies like Chap Stick do this type of balm. I don't do boring , plain ones if I can help it. I had lab samples of the Flavor Craze ones and a shimmer they made about 10 years ago and loved them. Dearest friend's fiance worked to formulate them at the time. The flavored ones lasted in the line , the shimmer didn't and it was a great lip balm. Even nicer than these new ones. But I digress, as I am often wont to do.

These sell for 2.99 at most stores. I paid 2.49.

It's always nice to buy a fun product you love and not spend the bank.

Also comes in Tropical and Berry Blend.

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Anonymous said...

I believe one of the ingredients on the list is titanium dioxide, which is a natural UV blocker, right?