Saturday, August 29, 2009

LUSH Goes Palm Oil Free ( New Soaps)

I love Lush's charity initiatives and I think most of us do. Recently they came out with a palm tree shaped soap sending 100 % of proceeds to the Rainforest Foundation that quicky sold out. This was all to begin promoting the non- use of palm oil . Now as environmentally concious as I try to be and I am all about wildlife preservation, I have to say I was unaware of this particular issue. Lush's site gives a lot of detail.

To quote:
"LUSH North America has now switched all of its soap production to this new palm-free base, and we are also using palm-free glycerin. Our end goal is to remove palm oil from all of our products, and we are currently investigating our surfactants which might be palm oil derived. Here at LUSH we understand that if the rainforests have any chance of surviving, retailers are going to have stop putting palm oil into their products. "


"The global demand for palm oil is causing a staggering amount of deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia. Indigenous and traditional people are being forced from their forest homes, orangutans slaughtered, and the recently logged land is being planted with palm oil trees."

Many of Lush's soaps are palm free but if you want to try the newest , there's Chox Away - you guessed it chocolate scented soap( dark choc, orange,vanila and Honey Trap lip balm scent) and 13 ( Unlucky for Dirt), with rose and oregano.


Big City Beauty said...

Oh wow! I wasn't aware of this either! that's devastating! Thank you for sharing this with us...

britishbeautyblogger said...

Fantastic's made we want to name and shame those that still ravage the forests in the name of beauty....BBBX