Monday, August 31, 2009

MAC Sneak Peek for Spring 2010

Yes that title says sneak peek for 2010. Really.

New York magazine's Cut Blog scored a fantastic behind the scenes look at what Gordon Espinet and Nadine Luke of MAC are cooking up for the upcoming Spring 2010 shows in 2 weeks and consequently what might just show up in new collections.

Nadine tells us that the smoky eye will be big for Spring but a colorful smoky eye. I can get behind that. A purple smoky eye is fav of mine.

Gordon says that pinks will play a big role, but not normal pinks. Gray pinks and pepto bismol pinks. Hmm. I do love the grape looking lipgloss in the image. Lets hope that makes the cut.

I've got a couple images here, but for all 22 images and the whole story , hit this link :

Photos: Melissa Hom for New York Magazine

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