Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cover Girl Lash Blast Length

Cover Girl's newest mascara entry is Lash Blast Length.

Lash Blast Length is just that- all about length. The wand itself is incredibly long and thin. The brush has 450 bristles, 20 % more than Lash Blast. The accent is not on volume here.

Lash Blast Length has Elasta-Nylon fibers in it to make longer lashes. The new formula is also flake free. Cover Girl has had their smudge free formula for years now and it's been one of my favorites. I need all the smudge free help I can get and I am a fan of most of their mascaras for that reason and I also get good results.

I liked but didn't love Lash Blast, but am a fan of Volume Exact, Fantastic Lash and Professional Lash .

With Lash Blast Length I got very long, defined lashes. They lasted all day , no smudges and no drooping. I like my lashes as long as can be, who doesn't really ? So I used 3 coats and there wasn't any build up or clumps.

The mascara comes in both a regular and waterproof version.

Colors are :

The pre-sale is happening now online: for more info.

Stores will have it Sept.
Retail will be approx.$ 7.49


Big City Beauty said...

thank you for the post! i'm a mascara fanatic and am definitely going to try this one out! ;)

Beauty Alchemist said...

A fellow fanatic here too :)

Let me know hoe you like it.