Saturday, August 15, 2009

The September Magazine Covers

Time for me to jump on my soapbox a bit. I seem to do this each year for the September magazine covers and here we are again.

So lets talk covers. The years biggest issues are coming into mailboxes now and it's always a big deal who gets the covers.

Now I rarely buy a magazine for it's cover . It's what inside that I want to check out and frankly, it seems covers are so less inspired lately. I also understand that making money is the name of the game. Editors want to sell mags , so they need to make them friendly. I just wish that didn't mean unique got thrown out the door.

When I heard the rumor that Susan Boyle might be Harper's Bazaar cover girl I was really hoping it would happen. I knew , though, that it wouldn't. Would that not have been an intriguing cover choice ? She gets a great spread inside the mag at least. The cover is Leighton Meester, which isn't a bad choice. ( or Agyness Deyn in Michael Jackson garb for subscribers).

It seems there are only a handful of cover women anymore. They turn up on all the covers. If I see one more Beyonce or Fergie cover I will scream. Nothing against them, but enough already. Haven't they ( or their publicists) heard of overexposure. Not to mention Beyonce is always in a bodysuit. Then Fergie wore a bodysuit in last months Marie Claire. Originality anyone? Besides no one looks flattering in a bodysuit. I don't care how pretty you are, wear a bottom piece.

So Elle gives us Jennifer Aniston in September. Yawn. She is pretty , and I am sure she is having one hell of a happier life than the press want to paint her with, but haven't we seen her before? Recently? A lot ? Now the issue itself is quite good. So see - it's whats inside that counts.

I was thrilled when Lucky had Diane Kruger in June. She's so fashion savvy, beautiful, and new to covers. Thank you. This month- Mandy Moore. I think she did Marie Claire in spring right ? I like Mandy, but again? In Style-Jennifer Lopez . Snore.

Marie Claire has Ashley Olsen, who also was last Septembers cover girl.

Charlize Theron is up for Vogue. Not too bad. She's gorgeous and intelligent. She has graced 2 Vogue covers before, but nothing recently. Besides, like any fashion nut worth her salt, I anxiously await the September Vogue each year at this time. Good cover or not.

So who would be your dream covers? Curious to see if anyone else feels as I do, so let me know in comments.

Some of mine- Singer Adele, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Iman, Michelle Yeoh, Monica Bellucci, Audrey Tatou, Debbie Harry, Christina Hendricks of Mad Men.

Vogue image : JustJared


blogaboutbeauty said...

I don't remember id Dita von Teese ever was on cover?
At least not in Russian magazines, that's for sure.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thats a good one. I don't think she has either, at least not on any mainstream ones like Vogue. Inside the pages but no covers.