Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Garnier Skin Renew Resurfacing 3 Way Cleanser

Garnier's newest cleanser is Skin Renew Resurfacing 3 Way Cleanser. I am forever in search of a better cleanser and I've had good luck in the past with both their cream and gel cleansers.

This new one has the same great green tea scent as the others, and has the added benefits of kaolin clay ( for the oilies) , small polishing "micro-beads" and Vitamin B5.

Having the clay in there is great and it seems a just right amount. Some clay cleansers have so much that they kind of stick to your face. This washes off easily but gets the job done. Skin feels very clean, but not dry and makeup gets removed.

It's gentle enough to use everyday. The scrub particles are not harsh and if you want/need more exfoliation, you simply scrub harder. You can also leave the cleanser on for a mask.

Since my skin has decided to go into a major oil phase despite the below freezing temps which usually normalizes it , this cleanser has been welcome.

In stores now at $ 6.99

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women cleansers said...

yah it looks so soft and i love to use it thanks