Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

A product long missing from mass market shelves has been dry shampoo. Yes Pssst brand has been around for ages, but try even finding it these days. Launched during the New York Fashion Week just passed, Tresemme is bringing dry shampoo into the drugstore .

Their dry shampoo is for normal to oily straight hair, not dry hair. There's a waterless foam for the drier/ curly hair.

Having used this a couple times as well as having used several high end ones, I can't say there is much difference between them. Tresemme's did a great job. I like that it has mineral clay, which is a definite oil absorber. There are also citrus extracts to neutralize odor.

Working the same as many dry shampoos, you shake it, spray on hair, wait 2 minutes then brush and fluff. Done. My hair felt a little sticky to the touch but I have had that with any dry shampoo I've used. It still got me the extra day /evening I needed for my hair.

Retail is $ 4.99

You can see the line at : http://www.tresemme.com/fresh-start/

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99Perfume said...

Does not seem too bad for $4.99, considering a lot of the products out there that are very reasonable and GREAT go for around $10+.

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