Friday, February 12, 2010

In Memorium- Alexander McQueen

I , as was anyone who is into fashion, was shocked and saddened to hear of Alexander McQueen's death.

I wasn't going to post on it, knowing so many would, but then decided to join in.

McQueen was a true talent and an artist. There was often wild vision in his clothes. Sometimes you got it, sometimes you didn't. But even when he was doing Givenchy , he was amazing. Not many loved Kate Winslet's Oscar dress of the Titanic year done by him for Givenchy, but I did.

It was exciting to be able to finally see a runway show of his, even if it was from thousands of miles away when he streamed his Spring 2010 collection live. I'll admit that wasn't my favorite collection, but it certainly showed the genius creativity at work.

While all of us feel sadness over his passing, my heart really goes to his family. His mother recently passed, which they say possibly contributed to his passing. But imagine his poor father. He lost his wife and now his son.

Some of my favorite McQueens are from the the Fall 2008 collection , pictured here. It totally blew me away. When I saw this collection I wanted every piece in it. To me it was perfection. There were many other triumphs as well. The detail, the tailoring- all the mark of rare talent.

I imagine McQueen will meet up in the heavens with his muse Isabella Blow, who committed suicide herself a few years ago.

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