Monday, February 1, 2010

LORAC Multiplex 3D Lipgloss

If you love shine, super sparkle and great color in your lipgloss, read on.

LORAC has just come out with Mulitplex. It's been awhile since I was overwhelmed by a LORAC product, although many are good. Multiplex is great. It was love as soon as I pulled the tube from the box.

The shades shown are Intermix, which is a brown based peachy -nude with light shimmer. 3D is high shimmer and sparkles . It's golden copper and a showstopper.

These are very moisturizing, and contain holographic pigments for all that shimmer I'm buzzing about. There is no grit feeling. You can barely tell the particles are there.

PS- It's also paraben free .

I remember when LORAC Lip Polish in the nail polish looking bottles was a cult fav. This deserves to be the new cult fav.

$ 22.00 at Sephora and

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