Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jennifer Aniston's Lolavie Fragrance

Here's a first look at the bottle and ad for the latest celeb to join the fragrance parade, Jennifer Aniston. I can't get excited by perfume with her name, but then again no celebrity scents thrill me. Her's is said to smell very natural, almost like no scent.( I'm expecting something lightly aquatic). That sort of defeats the purpose I think, but also means it won't be shrill and that's good too.

As of now release info is out for the UK but nothing for the US -yet.



vibaku said...

Launching Lolavie perfumery, in the eyes of Jen is an effort to tell him the truth in the public eye.

theminx said...

I don't get the popularity of Jennifer Aniston. She's not particularly attractive, not a great actress. She's a nothing in my book, so why a fragrance?

the movie mommy said...

Why is anyone from "Friends" considered...anything?