Friday, April 30, 2010

Kate Hudson at Tribeca Film Fest

If you've seen images of Kate Hudson at the Tribeca Film Festival, most likely all anyone mentioned was her outfit( or her possible boob job). It's getting buzz both good and bad. Personally I like the cape from Louis Vuitton. She has a more plain LBD underneath. But that's not what I want to talk about. Have you looked at her makeup? It's a total wow.

This is all out glam with mad gorgeous contouring , smoky brown eyes and volumized hair. I love it. It's a bit 80s but she is working it. A fab departure from her normal boho, low key look. Her face is transformed , which is what good conturing will do. I wish I knew who did the makeup and hair but I haven't been able to track that down.

It's not often that I see a look on a celeb that I wish I could recreate but this is one. Bravo, Kate.

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