Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Victoria's Secret Heavenly Flowers

Heavenly Flowers is the newest entry in the Dream Angels Heavenly line from Victorias Secret. This one is based on the peony note in Heavenly and according to Victoria's Secret it's "juicier and more enticing with a touch of luscious fruit and a blend of sun-splashed blossoms."

I don't find this an overly fruity floral though. Not in a too sweet way. This is more of a floral and a very light , almost sheer one. It's got a lot of spring flower notes going on with a hint of fruit. Once it's been on for awhile , you barely notice the scent and it stays very close to the skin. With it's softer scent and little to no powder note , I like this far better than the original.

The new scent comes in a lotion ,body spray and solid perfume bracelet. ( The solid in a sample form was my tester).

Heavenly Flowers is LE and the EDP is 8.4 oz. is $49.

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the movie mommy said...

Victoria's Secret always has nice perfume. I have some with matching body lotion. Always nice stuff!