Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM

Retinol Fusion PM is a new potent retinol serum from Peter Thomas Roth. It has Vitamins C and E ( 1%) to make it gentle on skin and provide a dose of moisture along with the retinol. The retinol is a concentrated and microencaspulated at 1.5 % .

Made for high efficacy without the dryness and irritation that straight Retin A can bring,this serum is very moisturizing . I wanted to use it on my T zone for blackhead clearing and pore reducing and it has done a good job of that, but it is making me break out a tiny bit on the chin. With warmer weather and therefore more oil on my T zone, I'll have to use it only on the other areas.

As for the rest of my face, I love it. I need no other moisturizing at night and this has lightened/brightened and smoothed a lot. I have no dryness from it, but my skin is ready for moisture in the AM after washing. There's been no irritation for me and I have used it nightly for 2 weeks. Your sensitivity may be different , but if you are looking for a strong retinol that is made to be easily tolerated, Retinol Fusion PM might be it.

A 1 oz. bottle is $ 65.00

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