Monday, September 13, 2010

The InStyler

Have you tried the InStyler ? I've seen it, had friends talk about wanting one, but like many people who haven't  tried it yet, wasn't really sure if I would like it.  There were many questions, now answered.

First off, it doesn't tangle hair. That was a worry.  Mine isn't super long but I tried it on the Mom who has damaged, fine hair. That's her hair in the picture and it was worked great.  I used it all over, to flatten ends, and to give body and little wavy lift to the top.  and the verdict- loved it.

What else you need to know- The InStyler gets very hot. It has 3 temperature settings and even the lowest was high heat. Flat irons are always hot, true, but this goes all the way to 385 degrees ( lowest is 285).   Use it knowing that and make sure your hair is in top condition before you heat it that hot. Really you should be doing that with any flatiron. I'ver had more than person ask me why their hair is falling out after they iron it every day. Turns out none deep condition or use a heat styling product first. Please do this. Your hair will thank you.

So the InStyler gets a thumbs up and I  am surprised I liked it that much as I was skeptical.

Have any thoughts on the InStyler ? Let me know in comments.

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Anonymous said...

ur review on t product was very usefull.. i was planing to get an instyler