Thursday, September 23, 2010

MAC & Disney Venomous Villains Lipglass

The lipglasses  from Venomous Villains are not only super pretty shades but I think the character graphic shows up better on the clear tubes than the solid lipstick background. 

Shown are 5 of the lipglasses . From left are Devilishly Stylish, Wrong Spell, Strange Potion, Wicked Ways and Hot House.

All are beauties unlike our Villains. Hot House is not a shade I personally can wear, but it's a gorgeous  shimmer raspberry purple.  My favorite is Devilishly Stylish, a shimmery peachy pink nude. Lets face it, all are fun.

Thoughts? What are you planning to buy if any ?

Lipglass sells for $ 15.50

MAC and Disney's Venomous Villains is on counter Sept. 30.

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