Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Intelligent Nutrients Jasmine Absolute

It's not too often a fragrance comes along that  truly wows me. Many I like, some I really like and a  few wows. The newest wow- Intelligent  Nutrients Jasmine Absolute. It makes my day to smell something this good and since the company , founded by Horst Rechebacher whose previous company was Aveda, is all about aromatherapy ,relaxation and organics,  that's good.

The Jasmine Absolute  , made from Sambac Jasmine flowers, is tropical, warm, a bit ambery and rich , a full on white floral explosion that smells like being in a hothouse of jasmine. Or a field. Because this is an absolute, it stays the same ,  to drydown etc. It also stays  fairly close to the skin, but there is sillage.  An absolute also generally has the highest concentrations of pure oils.

It  doesn't have the staying power a more synthetic blend would, but that's to be expected with a pure oil version. However, it does last far longer than I expected and more than many oils I've used.   Lasting power is a trade off  but when  you get something that smells this good and is this natural  it's not bad. Many people prefer  oils and essences  .  I prefer whatever smells amazing and is well crafted. I also happen to be a jasmine fan. Now jasmine can veer into indolic or animalic territory ( you know it, it's just "off" and stinky)  and that puts some off including  me. This does not go there for the most part. A touch , but nothing to send you running.  Intelligent Nutrients say this is meant to be a soothing , refreshing scent and it is. It  has to smell good to be able to do that.

The  Jasmine Absolute rollerball bottle is .37fl ( 11ml) for $ 97.00

http://www.intelligentnutrients.com/ and http://www.barneys.com/

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