Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chanel UV Essentiel- 2013

Back in 2009 when  the first  Chanel UV Essentiel  came out it there wasn't much in the way of SPF for us oily skinned gals, to my knowledge. This was a ray of sunshine to protect from said sunshine for me. Finally I had a sunscreen that I could use in hotter weather  that wouldn't make me oilier or break out. It mattified and dried down to an imperceptible finish.

SPF 20, 30, 50

Since then many companies have thankfully brought out light, matte , high SPFs for face. And now Chanel has updated their product  as well as releasing three SPF levels of protection instead of one.  It seems though with the update this has gotten a little more moisturizing and less mattifying. Good news for normal skinned ladies , a little less so for us oilies.

In SPF 30 and 50 the  new formula has glycerin as opposed to the castor oil of the original, the SPF 20 has none.  So the SPF 20 seems closest  in feel to the older formula and is slightly matte.   SPF 30 and 50  go on with   more of a  dewy feel/finish.

SPF 20, 30,50

UV Essentiel is still very light  and blends in easily . To use you need to shake the container well . It's a very thin  white liquid you then use under makeup  or on it's own. It makes a great makeup base  and adds no color or tint, but does have a slight white cast that needs blended.  All three SPF levels use physical blocker titanium dioxide in varying strengths. SPF 50 also has  zinc oxide,  while  20 and 30 have ensulizole and octinoxate. Licorice root extract is also in there to help prevent hyperpigmentation.

The bottle is a  thin  chic one  measuring  4 x 1- 1/2 inches that easily stashes in a bag or pocket for daytime touch ups.

 Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 20, 30 or 50 is $ 55  for 1 oz and available now.


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