Monday, April 8, 2013

NARS Puerta Vallarta Multiple

I think I say this every time a new one comes out, that a new NARS Muktiple is always exciting news.  Puerta Vallarta ,  part of the upcoming Summer collection, is even more exciting for me  as this is a perfect  shade for me.

With Puerta Vallarta.  I've got the new Summer-y Multiple I've been craving. ( South Beach being my all time fav and one I am currently out of).

In my swatch it reads a bit more terracotta than it is. It's not a straight peach or coral orange, there is a dusky quality to it but it's nearly  as deep as terracotta would be. 

Puerta Vallarta has a small amount of shimmer with  a  more satin finish and it glows on skin. It really gives  a boost of warmth on skin.  With the temps today at high 70s , it was warm and this color fit right in with the day's sunshine.

NARS The Multiple in Puerta Vallarta will be available on April 15th at and NARS counters for $ 39

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