Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Melvita Eye Contour Gel


While I love , adore make that , a heavy, creamy eye cream. sometimes  you want something lighter. Fresher. But I still want moisture. That's usually in summer for me when all my skincare goes the serum route.  Last year I added the Melvita Moisture Replenishing  Gel into the routine some days.  Light  and refreshing with just enough moisture for oilier skin.

Now there is a similar eye gel.  This is lightly  hydrating and a heavier gel than you might expect, it's no light thin serum. The ingredients are said to help puffiness and circles as well, all good things .  Melvita says it is  " Clinically proven to significantly reduce puffiness and dark circles in just 28 days, this triple-action treatment refreshes and revives tired eyes for visible results. A lightweight yet potent formula, it combines the ultra-moisturizing properties of the rose with the anti-puffiness and decongesting benefits of red seaweed and cornflower water" .

The gel  certainly feels good on the eye area. A bit cooling and if you want you can store in the fridge for even more cooling effect. Ahhhh.

Also to keep in mind much of  Melvita's line including this eye gel is Eco Cert certified.

 Melvita  Eye Contour Gel is $ 34 at

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Lisa said...

I use the Face Shop brand, I find it not bad too.