Thursday, April 4, 2013

MAC Extra Dimension Blush in Blazing Haute & At Dusk

Blazing Haute, At Dusk

At last the MAC Extra Dimension blushes along with the whole new In Extra Dimension collection has landed.

What surprised me about these blushes were they weren't as boldly pigmented as I somehow expected nor as deep as they look in the pan.  That's not bad  , mind you , but I thought they'd be pigment powerhouses , I guess like the Skin Finishes.  Instead they are more of a medium pigment, a medium flush of pretty color,  which makes them very wearable for those of us who are paler and without  a lot of blending. That's  more than one layer in my swatches .

There is plenty of color just not super bold.  They have very light  shimmer but nothing like the Extra Dimension Skin Finish and MAC calls them satin. 

Shown are Blazing Haute which is a  peachy, dusky orange ,  and At Dusk, a face brightening rose.  There are more shades - Flaming Chic which is described as a bright blue pink and Fiery Impact ,a  burnt red bronze and Bareness, a rose beige.

I haven't had a lot of time to play with these but I like them so far. I am a huge fan of Extra Dimension Skin Finish ( new ones to come in  separate post) so these totally appeal to me. They apply easily, no streaks and I have a feeling will wear well, since MAC blushes pretty much always  do.

MAC Extra Dimension Blush is $25 and available now.

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