Monday, April 8, 2013

CK One Summer 2013- The Makeup & The Fragrance

CK One not only has the annual version of CK One Summer  out but also a coordinating makeup collection.

The bottle color this year is  a bright azure that just says Ocean and Summer.  That shade along with lime  make up the  color scheme here. I have to say  the packaging color is serious pretty. The fragrance bottle, whether you like the scent or not, would just look good sitting  on a vanity. I am not sure that's something I've ever said about CK One.

There are 3 long wear cream eyeshadows , which I am happy  to report really are long wearing.With my oft documented makeup melt, there's no guarantee  but these lasted over half a day. For me this is great. You most likely will fare  far better.

I love both shades reef and dune as I am a fan of  any lime and brown shades in general.  The third shade is a turquoise , surge. They have shimmer and will light up eyes when used with bronzer  or on tan skin.  The lime packs a punch but is not really neon and the brown has a light bronze look on, a little less deep than the in the tube shade.

A unique nail polish joins them , unique  in that it is supposed to smell like CK One Summer after it dries. I hadn't any experience with scented nails although Revlon did so some last year I believe. It's an odd concept but what the heck.   After fully drying, it does have a whiff of the fragrance. Light but there. Current,   the lime shade , goes on  in one coat and is summer ready.  There is also a turquoise shade- riptide.

All in all it's a pretty little collection including a bronzer not shown.

The new CK One Summer fragrance is as usual unisex but it's not overly masculine . It smells of  warm body musk, and  aquatic, with the dewy  waterlily  and cucumber notes prominent and hints of the watermelon. 

Full note list:

Top: waterfall effect, watermelon, crushed leaves, zesty citrus
Mid: water lily, cucumber, caraway, watermint
Dry: moss, blonde woods, musk

-ck one summer eau de toilette spray 3.4oz/100ml $50

-ck one summer limited edition long wear cream eyeshadow $18
-ck one summer limited edition long wear + shine nail color scented with ck one summer fragrance  $14
-ck one summer limited edition powder bronzer compact $25

Cosmetics exclusive to Ulta.  Fragrance is at the usual outlets including Macys and Sephora 

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Victoria Gonzalez said...

The color of the nail polish is quite interesting and I am thinking if I will get it because it looks really great for the Summer plus I want to test if it really smells. But what I really want is the fragrance. I believe CK is one of the best when it comes to fragrances. I am addicted to the scent.