Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bliss Multi-‘face’-eted All In One Anti -Aging Clay Mask

Bliss ' new mask is  a do it all kind of mask. It helps to clean pores , detox skin,  brighten and reduce  fine lines while adding moisture.

There's a lot going on here like 10% glycolic acid to smooth , kojic acid and licorice root extract for brightening, kaolin and bentonite for pore unclogging , carbon for detox, and jojoba oil and glycerin for hydration.

Once you apply the  deep gray mask  you only need to wait for 5-7 minutes  before rinse off. It's a " flexible" mask so it doesn't get tight or crack .  Also even though it has clay , it's not drying at all. Skin feels lightly moisturized ,clean and smooth after.  

This did a nice job on my pores and my skin felt a little firmed   after  one use.   Any line fighting /brightening will take some time. No matter how good something is those things won't be achieved quickly. But  with continued use , the glycolic alone should give you skin with more clarity , not to mention the others like the kojic acid.

Bliss  Multi-‘face’-eted  Anti-Aging Clay Mask is $ 50 at 

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