Thursday, October 16, 2014

Harujuku Lovers Fragrances Return - Pop Electric

Did you love those cute Harujuku Lovers fragrances of some years back ?  It was hard not to like those cute little dolls and I don't do "cute"  much.  I didn't even care what they smelled like.

After a few additions to the line, the Holiday Jingle G being my fav, the line disappeared.

But.... they're back. Baby,  G, Lil' Angel , Love & Music .  The Pop Electric line brings new bottles , with what I believe are the same fragrances. The notes certainly sound the same.

On Oct. 16th Gwen Stefani herself will be on HSN primetime for a 2 hour special  .  They are available now to buy. You can buy the  set of all five , individual bottles or a three piece set that includes a fragrance , body lotion and keychain.

Harujuku Lovers Pop Electric 5 Piece Set is $124.90
Harujuku Lovers 1 oz EDP is $ 40
Harujuku Lovers 3 piece set ( 1 oz EDP, 3.5oz Body Lotion, Key Chain) is $ 60

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