Friday, October 17, 2014

YSL Paris Rebel Collector

YSL Paris goes in  a new direction  with Rebel Collector .

Rebel takes the  rose of the original and builds on that with the addition of tomato leaf accord. It changes the fragrance a lot as you would imagine.  Gone is the powdery violet rose  of Paris.

Rebel Collector  begins with a blast of pink  pepper and bergamot , with some rose in there right off as well. It's a sharp beginning but quickly  softens and gives way to more rose  with  a whiff  of powder. Then the tomato comes in , although not strongly , and there is a dryness from the iris. Rose is still weaving along in there as well.

The drydown is very musk and amber  with the iris  still noticeable along with a little rose  to soften it.

Just as the fragrance is a different take on Paris, so is the bottle, Same shape but in a reflective silver with a hot pink top. The box opens from the top  and  like a flower,  for a fun presentation

Paris Rebel Collector  is  $ 105 for 2.5 oz EDP and is LE  . Available now at Nordstrom.

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