Monday, October 6, 2014

Shiseido Future Solution LX Foundation

Shiseido makes  good skincare and they have great foundations. Now with the intro of Future Solution LX Foundation, they've combined the two.

Future Solution LX Foundation is a full coverage,  creamy formula that really perfects your face. It  smoothes, and  adds radiance  with that great coverage. The finish is semi dewy or satin. Not dry in any way nor is it heavy or greasy.

Skincare ingredients include the brand's Skingenecell 1P which they say helps to counteract future aging. The makeup is patented throughout Asia, and a patent is pending in the US and Europe.  It has light diffusing properties as well for an all day brightened look.  SPF is 20 , both chemical & physical .

I gave to this to The Mom to test and she loves it. She always looks good, but this makes her skin look  smoother, more  finished.   So this is a formula that is great for anyone but will  work great for  mature skin, as well as anyone with normal to drier skin  .

I can't help but point out the bottle as well. It looks decorative enough to sit out with the pearlescent cap. Foundation doesn't need a pretty bottle, but it's an extra bonus.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Foundation is $80  and available in 11 shades. Shown is 120 Natural Light Ivory

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