Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Calvin Klein Eternity Air

The Eternity fragrance family gets a new version for Spring.

Light as a breeze, which you would expect from something named Air, it's perfect for the season and right into warmer temps.

Eternity Air is light, fresh and  floral. The scent uses what the perfumers call Sky of the sky accord , which they say is "airy, yet dense".

The fragrance start off with a burst of  grapefruit soon followed by black currant and the airy note. It's a soft citrus and  the fruits are not too sweet.  Dewy florals come along with the peony and muguet notes while the grapefruit hangs in the background. The drydown brings cedarwood , ambergris and musk, with all these playing pretty lightly, the cedar being most prominent to my nose.  The middle notes remain at the front of this scent long into the drydown .

This wears easily, with medium sillage and lasts long .  The bottle is the traditional Eternity shape and style but done in a wispy pale blue.

Calvin Klein Eternity Air is $50 (1.0oz), $71 (1.7oz) and $88 (3.4oz)  at Macy’s 

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