Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Scentered Sleep Well Candle & Set

Have trouble sleeping ? Wildly waves hand in the air.

Trying to find things that are relaxing and help settle us for the night is always a good thing. Scentered , maker of lovely fragranced candles has something for that, called Sleep Well . You can experience the scent in both a candle and a balm that comes in an adorbale Insta ready set.

Both  are fragranced with palmarosa, lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang among others. The fragrance is very soothing, soft, gentle and worth a good deep inhale. Ahhhhhh.

The Sleep Well Essential Sleep Set makes a great gift ( and Mother's Day is around the corner). You get a Sleep Well therapy balm along with a 100% silk eye mask all in a serene shade of grey.  The balm has 14 essential oils in it's blend and can be applied to pulse points anytime, not just bedtime. I might need to carry this in my bag at all times, how about you ?

So tap on the balm, light the candle and slip on the mask. Breathe deep and work on a good night's rest.

Scentered Sleep Well Essential Sleep Set is $ 33.50
Scentered Sleep Well Candle is $ 24 for 3.0 oz or $ 39 for 7 oz.

The line is made in England and 100% natural. Find them online here 

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