Thursday, April 19, 2018

Yes To Super Eye Masks

My eyes need lots of TLC and I bet yours do too.  While I haven't gotten much onto the face mask trend , I am all for the eye versions.

Yes To has several new ones out to help pop your peepers into shape . Each mask is large , larger than I expected and they cover a bit of your face as well, especially up onto the forehead. So you get some bonus masking. 

These are paper masks that are well saturated with ingredients and liquid.  The Yes To Coconut  is hydrating and firming with coffee extract and coconut oil.   It doesn't feel super moisturizing but just enough and I did feel firming /tightening. 

Then there is Yes To Cucumbers Calming  for soothing and calming with cucumber , aloe  and chamomile extracts. 

Yes To Blueberries ( my fav of the Yes To lines) Skin Recharging mask has Greek yogurt and probiotics along with glycerin  aloe, and the blueberry fruit extract.

All are Leaping Bunny certified , have 95% natural ingredients  and no parabens, sulfates or silicones. They smell pretty great, too. 

Each  single use mask is $2.99  wherever Yes To is sold .

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