Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sally Hansen Insta Dri- New Shades

Sally Hansen's Insta Dri has been a fav for a long time due to it's fast drying. I seem to always think of doing my nails at  9 or 10PM on a Sunday , which leaves  not enough time for them to set well , usually, with regular polish.

New shades are ready for Spring into Summer and plenty have a pop of bright color we could use to kick start the season.  Also  the line has been improved with a one day longer wear per the brand and the bottle has gotten a desighn revamp.

I got complements when I wore the bright purple Va Va Violet.  I love a good purple and this fits the bill.

With Insta Dri you get full coverage in two coats. While Sally says you don't need a top coat, I think you do, or at least I do. I like max shine and a top coat provides that, along with longer wear generally.

This new formula wore well with  minor tip wear after 4 days ( and I am hard on my nails) .    One chip came in day 5.  Not bad . Faster dry polishes tend to not wear as long , and while that was still the case here, I got the  work week out of it.

Shown with Sally's new Big Polish Guards- these band aid like wraps go around your nail area before you paint  and keep your fingers free of polish. Especially handy if you're like me and a messy painter.  They aren't reusable though, the one drawback. Otherwise, they work really well.

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