Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Yes To Blueberries Skin Recharging Greek Yogurt & Probiotics DIY Moisturizing Parfait.

Yes To Blueberries is my favorite of the Yes To lines ( flavors?).   When asked  what's a good drugstore/mid level skincare brand,  this is the brand I always mention . I loved, and still do, the Yes To Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment  and their new eye masks are nice too . 

With the new Spring launches ( and there are many from the brand) is Yes To Bluwberries Skin Recharging greek yogurt & probiotics DIY Moisturizing Parfait.

This is a dual chamber product with the yogurt cream moisturizer on one side and the blueberry booster gel on the other. Each come out separately so you can  customize your mix. Kinda cool ,right ?

The cream's ingredients include shea butter, yogurt & jojoba oil while the gel has aloe vera , blueberry juice and chamomile extract.

I've been using 2 pumps creamy side and 1 blueberry. It has medium  moisture , and does need some time to sink in.  It's a nice pick for warmer weather and  works under makeup or at night . This feels a little cooling on and using the  blueberry side alone really makes for a refreshing feel .

Yes To Blueberries Skin Recharging Greek yogurt  & Probiotics DIY Moisturizing Parfait. is sugg. retail $14.99 

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