Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Biotherm Matte Pur Foundation

Matte Pur is the newest foundation from Biotherm. I had used a mate foundation of theirs many years ago and it was fanatastic, so when I read about this, I needed to try it. The search for a good matte foundation goes on and on for me.

In Matte Pur I think I have found a good one. It's more of a true matte with no dewiness. To me matte + dewy doesn't work. I can be dewy quite well without any help. Some people are scared of matte, though. Don't be. There are many new formulas out there , even the dewy ones are very good, if that works for you.

This one is as I said , truly matte, but... it is not cakey, chalky or dry at all. It blends very well and has a nice medium to full coverage finish that lasts long and allows very little shine breakthrough. One of the best at keeping the shine at bay that I've tried recently. It holds on much of the day, and doesn't oxidize either. I did need a quick powder touch up after a few hours , but not major.

The company says it uses pigments that are" sebum proof" and they seem to work . The makeup also has a lemon-based astringent complex to reduce the appearance of pores .

This astringent will help skin to stay clearer as well with each application.
This is new on the Biotherm website and even though you can't test it( which admittedly is hard , but thats where I come in) it really is worth investigating if you have very oily skin.

I am somewhat pale and the lightest shade( 115) was fine. If I was my winter pale, it is possible that it may be too dark, but only by a little. So if you are pearl white, you may have some issues with color. Otherwise , give it a shot.

6 shades, $24.00

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