Monday, October 27, 2008

M LAB Skincare

I've been using a couple of the travel sized products from luxe skincare line M LAB. M LAB has a very high level ( up to 75%) of active ingredients and comes from Cosmeceutical lab Milbar.

The two I have tried are the Anti Aging Day treatment SPF 15 and Anti Aging Treatment Serum.

I am often remiss in using SPF except for whats in my makeup. I have been slowly using some products that will get the SPF in there . I always worry about my oily skin, so thats one reason I usually don't use any SPF moisturizers.

MLAB's being very anti aging of course got my attention, and as the weather is cooling I can get away with more moisture. The Day cream is very light but plenty moisturizing. It sinks in quickly . Skin is soft and smooth , no trace of cream. Thats good. It's a great all in one product that has 65% clinically active ingredients according to the company website. The wealth of info on what is in their products is far too much to list here, but do consult the website for more.

The Treatment Serum surprised me. I went for that thinking that serums are usually lighter. This one is highly emollient . Noty overly heavy but more than most serums. It's also very firming. I plan to use this more when the temps really drop, as this will be perfect for my skin then. If you already have drier or even normal skin, this is fine all the time. It does a nice job of brightening and tightening. The serum has 74 % active ingredients- again you can read all them at the website.

Now M LAB is not an inexpensive line. The quality seems to be very high and the price is as well. I am not here, however, to tell you what you can afford. Just what I think of the products. The travel set is a great way to get an intro to the line with all of their antiagers in it plus cleansing.

Their travel set comes in a chic black case, and is plane travel ready as is.

M LAB Travel Collection contains:

-anti-aging cleanser (50mL)
-anti-aging toner (50mL)
-anti-aging treatment cream (15mL)
-anti-aging treatment serum (5mL)
-anti-aging day treatment SPF 15 (15mL)
- anti-aging eye cream (3mL)

Retail is $ 130.00

The Day Treatment is $ 125.00 for 2 oz ( 59ml)
The Serum is 275.00 for 1 oz( 30 ml)

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Anonymous said...

This line of skincare just could not break into the U.S. market,department stores would not make room for them; and that is a shame because their moisturizer was the best I have ever used (in 30 years of purchasing moisturizers)! It's 2020 and I still miss my M LAB!