Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Warm Milk & Honey Aromatherapy from Bath & Body Works

Bath and Body Works has a new Sleep Aromatherapy line out called Warm Milk and Honey. It has a very "comfort scent" smell .The scent itself is very soft , cinnamon-y and warm. It reminds me a bit of Donna Karan Cashmere Mist but with far less powder. The clove is in there too, but not strongly.

I like it much better than the Lavender line thats been out for awhile, but thats because I don't always like lavender .

I have used the lotion and the linen spray. The lotion has a pretty strong scent, it lasts ( so it will get you through the night, or perhaps a bad workday), it's also pretty moisturizing with soybean oil in it.

The linen spray is much lighter and leaves just a touch of scent. The two together make a good combo. You feel a bit like you just drank a vanilla cinnamon drink before bed.

It is pretty well proven that certain aromas can help relaxation and sleep. I even used lavender oils on a dog after surgery and it definitely made a difference, just a bit of calming, but much needed calming.

On humans, of course there is the mind body connection and the self fulfilling aspect of it. If you think you are supposed to relax, maybe you will. You will be programming your psyche to think rest. The sheer act of that as well as having a soothing soft smell surround you may help relaxation and sleep.

Sleep doctors , who helped to develop this line, say that the routine of of putting on lotion, spraying your pillow, can prepare you to relax and start to wind down. Makes sense.

I plan on getting some of these for The Movie Mommy( see blog list), a dear friend who has sleep issues as well as Chronic Fatique and 2 toddlers. I mean, she needs a spa vacation, but I can at least offer Aromatherapy right ?

Warm Milk and Honey Sleep Body Lotion $ 13.00
Linen Spray $ 10.00
There is also a shower gel and luxury bath foam.

Currently on the BBW site they are 2 for 20.00 http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/


Anonymous said...

Bath and Body Works has some great products - I like their hair products and hand soaps.

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